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The Jigsaw of History Tour

January - May 2022

The Streets of Coventry
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The Jigsaw of History Tour starts between Godiva’s statue and clock in Broadgate, which is located in the Centre of Coventry, CV1 1NE Participants of this event will be required to travel through areas which include cobbled streets and uneven surfaces. This event takes place entirely outdoors.

If you require further advice or wish to register your accessibility requirements ahead of your visit please email [email protected] or call our team on 0800 640 5001

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The Jigsaw of History Tour

The Jigsaw of History Tour takes participants on a walk all over the city centre of Coventry, a city which has kept making history by inventing the future. It’s a history that includes the civil war and civil rights, it’s a history of a city that has moved from being the world-leading pioneer in one industry to another, then another, it’s a rich cultural history of a city which has kept on reinventing itself, finally rising like a phoenix from the firestorm of the Blitz. It’s a history that fits together like a jigsaw, come and explore it with us. A limited number of tickets are reserved for walk-up customers and are available from your guide at the start point on the day. Please check for latest details and availability.

Besides a short part of the route which goes through Coventry Market (not on Sundays), these walks take place completely outside and involve just over 2 miles of walking.

Dates subject to change.


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